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Our Approach

At Printx Graphics we are all about ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied with our products and services that are offered. We take pride in a friendly, fast and professional approach in responding to our clients where we are always keen to keep clients informed and very much involved with the project process from the beginining until the very end.

We are passionate about creating new ideas and incorporating them with the vision of the client in order to produce work of high quality, we never end the project until you are 100% happy. 

Sustainable Printing

At Printx Graphics, we always try to ensure that the printing process at the factory is environmentally friendly where we use re-cycled paper and card at no extra cost to our clients.

Our Mission

We believe a successful business is in the way it is portrayed whether it is on paper or online.

Printx Graphics produces innovative designs and offers a printing service for businesses of all sizes where we are always happy to supply all your requirements in one place. Whether you are an individual wanting to make an online presence with your personal profile or a large established company wanting to transform the look of existing material, we are the solution to a cost effective brand strategy.

Regardless of your budget we will always be able to do something for you to enhance your business presence. 

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Chantelle Dawson

Managing Director of Printx Graphics

Earning a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Computing PLUS Over a decade of experience and knowledge working in Customer Service and the Creative Industry.


We as a collective team specialise in a variety of technical and design areas, we can definately advise on the right solution for your business.


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